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Career Project Career Projects Essay - 1733 Words

Nicole Cichowicz Dr. Ancrum Career Project 30 November, 2016 Career Project Typically, when someone hears ‘medical field’, automatically you think of people with white lab coats and a stethoscope around their neck ready to take your vitals. Obviously this comes to mind because these doctors and surgeons are the face of the medical field, but in reality there is so much more. There are actually about 300 different occupations one can have in the health care field. A large part of that is nurses. Nurses are the basis of the medical field; they are almost as important as the patients themselves. They have always been a major part of our lives. Nurses have been with us since we first opened our eyes, from birth to broken bones, nurses were there. They have very difficult and extensive careers, they dedicate their lives to their work and to their patients. Some nurses spend long nights away from their family and friends to help others, at times their shifts can last as long as 24 hours. In my opinion nurses are the real super heroes, f or this reason I have decided to pursue a major in nursing. I still have a lot to learn and many years of schooling to go, but personally its worth the wait. Like many other careers education is crucial. It takes years of studying and dedication. Without proper knowledge and education, someone’s life could be at stake. All careers in the medical field have different educational requisites that have to be met. Each level of nursingShow MoreRelatedCareer Research Project : Career Project1546 Words   |  7 PagesCareer Research Project When I was young I wanted to become a teacher; however, that all changed throughout the years. What had motivated me to become a teacher was all the supplies they had like the whiteboards, the markers, and the construction paper. It seemed fun and interesting to me to have all the supplies. I no longer wish to become a teacher. As I grew older I realized that I wanted to do something that has me going to places, seeing new things, speaking with diverse individuals, and forRead MoreA Career in Project Management1577 Words   |  7 Pagesproposal on pursuing a career as a Project Manager is designed to provide research and criteria concerning elements for entering into the field of Project Management. The research will provide the essential skills and a job description of a Project manager. As background information, I have provided researched information based on the interest of being a Project Manager. The Survey results provide an insight to how some individuals pursued their careers and their educational backgroundsRead MoreAssessing A Career In Business: Project Management. Project1584 Words   |  7 PagesAssessing a Career in Business: Project Management Project management is the discipline of using policies and procedures to manage a project from creation to competition. The intent of this paper is to assess the role of a project manager and determine if I am well suited for a career in project management. To achieve this goal, I will be discussing the following areas: job description, general career path, education requirements, salary, career outlook, and the pros and cons. I will also be interviewingRead MoreMajor and Career Research Project1352 Words   |  6 PagesMajor | Career Research Project | | | James Paullin | 11/16/2012 | | Biology Biology is under the college of Arts and Sciences and is categorized in the Biological Sciences department. The main chair/director is Dr. Sam Atkinson with an assistant, Kendra Donahue. The Biological Science department is located in the Biology Building 210. There are numerous courses that have to be taken in order to major in Biology; while also minoring in Chemistry as well. There are introductoryRead MoreThe Career Exploration Research Project Essay1522 Words   |  7 PagesCareer Exploration Research Project 1.What is one short term goal you have on your agenda to achieve in the next couple of weeks to a month? Civil Engineer involves building infrastructures, tunnels and bridges which require places and could possibly harm an environment. One of the key term I must master is environmental regulations, during high school I took Environmental Science AP and had to learn about important acts. Since this semester I did not challenge myself I took it upon myself to rememberRead MoreEssay on Project Management Career Summary1703 Words   |  7 PagesProject Management Career Summary Definition, Vision and Scope With todays businesses constantly embracing the technological advances that are made on a daily basis there becomes an increasing need for someone to supply the foresight, ability and commitment to ensure that these new technologies are implemented as seamlessly and successfully as possible. The Project Manager is just the person for the job. This paper will examine this career and explore the benefits of working in this professionRead MoreMy Future Career : Project Management782 Words   |  4 PagesMy Future Career in Project Management Project management takes the form of many job positions and roles within a job force. Project management to some, means a person who manages a project. This is a very broad title. Project managers can manage a project that covers a new program release, an implementation of a new method, or the creation of a physical product for a customer. For me, project management is taking a task from start to finish, with the goals of the customer in mind. Three roles thatRead MoreChosing A Career As A Project Manager Essay1838 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract: Title: Choosing a Career as a Project Manager. This research will summarize what a Project Manager is, and the steps explained, to complete a project, if the career that is chosen is to be a successful Project Manager. The research touches on the many qualities, and skills a person needs to learn, and possess to become a Project Manager. This report will not cover the total execution of the project. Putting together a project from start to finish is an enormous amount of work and thereRead MoreA Research Project On Animal Science Career Interest Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesResearchers at the Animal Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison designed a research project that would determine if livestock background, sex, or animal science career interest affected how students viewed important issues concerning livestock farming. They hypothesized that urban students would be more likely to take neutral positions regarding the matter. The introduction was to provide background information about how the demographics have shifted from rural students to moreRead MorePhysician Assistant – A Career Research Project. Lindsey1722 Words   |  7 Pages Physician Assistant – A Career Research Project Lindsey Powell Rowan Cabarrus Community College Abstract This paper explores the career field of a Physician Assistant. The research accumulated in this paper covers general information about becoming a Physician Assistant, information about a specific employer who would hire someone desiring to become a Physician Assistant, and a description of the typical career path one follows as he/she advances when becoming a Physician Assistant

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